Afternoon with a Bunch of Animals + a FREE Sunset cruise

This cruise is available only during the school holiday!

A fascinating 3 hour cruise in one of the world's most important animal behavioural research sites. Year round there are friendly dolphins, shy green turtles and huge loggerhead turtles. The warmer months bring in herds of dugong, tiger & hammerhead sharks, sea-snakes, stingrays, schools of bait fish, tuna & mackerel, flying & skipping fish and internationally migrating birds.

This Cruise includes a Free Sunset Cruise for each person who takes the afternoon cruise. Sunset Cruise can be taken any date. Lie back and relax or join in the fun of helping sail the boat. Experience the exhilarating experience of freedom. Head off with the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, a dash of salt spray and a smile on your face!

DAILY 1pm - 4pm

Australia's Last Sunset Cruise

Depending on the wind strength, your cruise will either be a gentle, relaxed mood with silent sail and quiet music on a still sea or, wind in your hair and perhaps a bit of spray on your face as you slide across the bay. Daily 1.5 hour cruise.

Departure time follows the sun.

May, Jun, Jul - 4:30pm;      Aug, Sept, Apr - 4:45pm;     October - 5:00pm;     March - 5:15pm;    November - 5:30pm;    Dec, Jan, Feb - 5:45pm

Please contact (08) 99 481 481 if you require any further information