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Driving you wild
A spectacular blend of outback wild tracks, rolling red sand dunes, dense Acacia shrub-lands, magnificent bluffs, dramatic deserted beaches and wildlife.
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Sail with bunch of animals
Head off under silent sail with the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, a dash of salt spray, a smile on your face and oceans of wildlife.

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Sleeping with us is a dream
50m to the beach, private, spacious, spotless, central, cheery, self contained, self-catering & only 15 minutes drive from Monkey Mia.

Sail with a bunch of animals - Love it, or it's free!

Award Winning ‘Wildsights Cruises’ - Monkey Mia - Shark Bay

Shark Bay is brimming with a huge variety of wildlife. All year round there are dolphins, dugongs and huge loggerhead and green turtles. In the warmer months they’re joined by sea snakes, sharks (our largest a 4.5 metre tiger shark), stingrays, flying fish and the weird long tom, a fish that skips across the sea. Very rare highlights are manta rays & whales

The best way to see this magnificent variety is on a superb cruise with Australia's only purist wildlife sailing specialist, ‘Wildsights Cruises’ aboard Monkey Mia’s nature boat, the internationally famous, awesome, 60’(18m) sailing catamaran, Shotover (yes there’s a toilet on board).

You can laze about and relax, or join in the fun of helping sail one of Australia's ocean racing legends. Lounge on a bean bag under the back deck shade awning. Soak up the sun on the huge trampoline nets. Chat with the crew, they know their stuff, including how to identify the dolphins for you. You'll learn how dolphins know who's around without seeing them, how they hunt with sound and live with sharks.

Your skippers have been here more than 25 years, with our licence to enter the world's most important, dolphin and tiger shark behavioural research site and the first Dugong Interaction Licence in Western Australia with restricted access to the Dugong Management Zone at Monkey Mia, you’ll be taken to the best spots to get great shots.

You'll be on an awesome wildlife cruise in one of the world's most important nature research sites, where scientists come from all over the globe to unravel the mysteries of the underwater world by putting:

  • video cameras on turtles
  • satellite tags on sharks
  • paint on dugong
  • tags on tiger sharks

and using:

  • drones to find stingrays
  • caution to sample sea snakes
  • traps to capture, count and release fish
  • digital cameras to catalogue dolphin fins
  • cages to monitor seabed development

Thanks to our association with the scientists you'll discover the relationships between the animals and their environment, the reason for the behaviour you're seeing, the facts behind myths, some wacky secrets.

Since we first commenced operation we’ve had the world’s leading dolphin and dugong behavioural scientists as advisors to ensure interactions are done in the best manner for the animals. This resulted in Shotover’s cruises being the only cruises in the world scientifically proven to not have an effect on the dolphins.

Take this opportunity to lie back and relax or join in the fun of helping sail the boat. Experience the exhilaration of freedom under silent sail. Head off with the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, a dash of salt spray, a smile on your face and oceans of wildlife.

You have a choice of fabulous cruises, including the world's first daily, scheduled ‘mermaid' (dugong) watching cruise and Australia’s Last Sunset Cruise. You’ll be awed by this spectacular, deserted piece of paradise, where Nature overwhelms.

We are Australia's first marine wildlife cruises to hold Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation and the first business in the region to become an Accredited Tourism Business.

The only cruise company in the world to give you complete peace of mind with these no risk, full quality commitments, in writing:

Love it, or it’s free! - 100% money-back guarantee ✔
Your totally unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee to you. Imagine, a wildlife, sailing and fun experience that is so exceptional. This extends beyond the cruise to also include everything available on board - clothing; printed items; food and drink.
Plus, animal warranty ✔
With wild animals there is naturally the possibility of occasionally not finding them, so we’ll remove that risk for you! If ever you don’t see the animals to your satisfaction you are welcome to come back again, on any cruise, as our guest (yes, for free), as often as you like until you have seen the animals to your total satisfaction. Mind you we’ve been here since 1993, so we know where to go, and you've got excellent prospects of seeing animals.
Plus, $100 warranty of no seasickness ✔
The only 100% certain seasickness cure is to sit under a gum tree. But thanks to Shotover’s exceptionally sea-kindly design seasickness is so unlikely, that we'll give $100 in soft warm cash to any fare paying passenger who gets physically seasick (no fingers in the throat!).
Monkey Mia Wildsights School Holiday Cruise Brochure

The two different brochures show the cruise schedule changes during school holiday periods. To ensure you refer to the correct brochure check the school holiday dates in the calendar below.

Monkey Mia Wildsights Cruise Brochure
Monkey Mia Wildsights Season Calendar

Click above to check seasonal calendar. School holidays are shown in orange.

The only cruise company in the world to give you all these features:

Plus, see the animals underwater ✔
So you don’t miss a thing, you’ll be given the use of sunglasses fitted with specially treated, tinted lenses that eliminate surface glare to give you the best view of the animals underwater.

Plus, designed specifically for wildlife watching ✔
The animals are outside. To see them, you need to be out there with them. There’s ringside seating around the boat and no cabin to obstruct your view of the animals. You’re always in fresh air and in touch with your friends and your crew.

Plus, protection from the elements ✔
Weatherproof clothing and cosy blankets are provided. The sails and a rear deck awning provide shade. There’s a refreshing seawater shower if you really want to cool off. Plus free sunscreen.

Plus, environmentally preserving tomorrow, today ✔
  • Shotover is primarily wind and solar powered and has virtually eliminated noise, air and water pollution, so your enjoyment isn’t affecting the animals or the planet.
  • Through space-age technology, the fridge is actually cooled by the sun!
  • The chemical-free toilet uses seawater and solar electricity to render toilet-waste bacteria-free.
  • Our safe, Australian-made, cleaning products are made from sustainable, natural ingredients, which are phosphate and nitrate free and not tested on animals.
  • We conserve fossil fuel by using extremely efficient, high-tech propellers coupled with low horsepower engines.
  • Our seldom used, small engines (approx 70hp compared with our competitor’s approx 570hp) average less than 2 litres of fuel per cruise
  • Fossil fuel is further conserved by technologically extending our oil changes to yearly.
  • Storing electricity in gel batteries eliminates the gassing and disposal problems of lead/acid batteries.

Plus, Quality Assurance Accreditation from the Australian Tourism Accreditation Authority ✔

Plus, Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation from the Ecotourism Association of Australia ✔

Best for the animals, best for the planet, best for you...

A testimonial that sums up everything!

Reviewed: 18/01/2016

“Amazing experience with an awesome crew!”


I'm lucky enough to have been on the shotover wildsights cruise and sunset cruise a few times now and I can honestly say that it never disappoints! The wildsights cruise delivers on its promise of exciting encounters with wildlife in their natural setting and the sunset cruise is a great way to wind down at the end of the day with some good tunes and great company! To top it all off the friendly crew really know all there is to know about Shark Bay and its amazing creatures and are always up for a chat! Wouldn't recommend anyone else!!!

Simone L
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Location: Perth, Australia

Oceans of enjoyment - wildlife, sailing & fun.

Monkey Mia 4WD Tours and Wildlife Sailing Cruises Experience Video

Outback 4WD tour - driving you wild

shark bay 4wd tours

Francois Peron National Park Tour

Shark Bay's World Heritage Area is outstanding on a global scale, on par with some of the most famous natural treasures on earth.

To be listed for United Nations' World Heritage an area needs to meet only one of four criteria. Of the 166 Natural World Heritage sites on our planet, only 19 meet all of the criteria, among these sites are the Galapagos Islands, the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park and Shark Bay. Now you can discover the secrets of this unique and awesome wilderness.

shark bay 4wd tour

Enjoy a highly personalised (maximum 6 guests), fair dinkum, off-road experience with a local guide in an air conditioned rugged 4WD vehicle. Travel through an untouched, spectacular, special piece of earth, right where Outback Australia meets the coast. Venture into the outback bush, down wild tracks, over rolling red sand dunes, through dense Acacia shrub-lands, along magnificent bluffs and deserted beaches.

You'll be knocked-out by stunning scenery, wildlife and endless beaches (a photographers delight). You'll be amazed to learn that unimpressive vegetation is often food or medicine. You'll discover the survival secrets of how to navigate by the sun; find water and bush tucker.

It's a hell of a way to discover the cultural history of Shark Bay and it's sensational scenery, fascinating plants and animals as well as learn bush survival skills. On tour some of the stunning trees you'll meet are the life-saving Kurrajong tree, the endangered Sandalwood tree and the Acacia tree in it's many guises.

shark bay national park

This was sheep country. Yet it's an area of only seasonal grass.You'll find out how the sheep survived. You'll also learn the ingenious method used to bring the sheep in for shearing.

Year round Shark Bay teems with birds. In September migratory birds return from the Northern Hemisphere boost numbers. Our best count in one tour, is 39 different species.

July, August and September are wildflower months and Shark Bay has the longest wildflower season in the state. In full bloom the place looks as if it has been doused with a tin of rainbow paint.

The warmer months bring out the reptiles – monitors, geckos, skinks, dragons and the fabulous Thorny Devil. See the Francois Peron Peninsula on a fascinating, highly personalised tour (maximum 6 guests), backed by your unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee, "Love it or it's free"

Outback 4WD Tour plus Wildlife & Sunset Sailing Cruises Package - Save $83.75

By taking a 4WD tour with us, you also qualify for a 25% discount fare on an award winning, Monkey Mia wildlife sailing cruise aboard the awesome, 60ft(18m) sailing catamaran “Shotover”. Take the full day Francois Peron National Park 4WD Tour, plus the 3 hour “Sail with bunch of Animals Cruise” and enjoy a 1.5 hour sail on “Australia's Last Sunset Cruise”.  All three experiences for only $289.25 / person.

Save yourself $73.75 on 4WD & cruise package, only by booking online.

Read the Guestbook:

See the 4WD Tours Brochure:

4wd brochure

Sleeping with us is a dream

At Wildsights Villas and Wildsights Beach Units

Location, Location, Location

Surrounded by palm trees and gardens the Villas are situated in Durlacher Street, just 30 metres from the waterfront of Knight Terrace, the main street in central Denham. They are the most centrally located, self-catering accommodation in Denham.

There is a comfort edge provided by the side street location off the Knight Terrace waterfront. Shark Bay’s southerlies are very reliable and vigorous, often making the south-facing foreshore untenable, whilst around the corner, in Durlacher Street, Villa guests are sheltered and free to enjoy their patio settings.

Every facility is within a 300 metre short stroll along the waterfront . Yes, you really can walk to all the shops, bars and restaurants.

A glorious, safe beach is only 50 metres away and gives you instant access to:

Breathe the fresh sea air and enjoy a sundowner with your front row seat of glorious sunsets. Monkey Mia is just a 15 minute drive. The Shark Bay airport is a 5 minute drive and yes we'll pick you up/drop you off.


A lot of practical thought has gone into making your Villa a welcoming home away from home. Fully equipped to be self-sufficient and comfortable with easy living tiled floors throughout. Each Villa is bright, spacious and cheery.

Your own fully equipped laundry with 5kg washing machine, laundry tub, iron and ironing board and your own clothes drying court.

The combined bathroom contains a screened shower recess, vanity and toilet..

Each Villa is Complete with full insect screening, air-conditioning, ceiling fans and has its own covered patio with a stylish outdoor setting of table and chairs.

The built-in kitchen includes a full size, 4 burner gas stove with grill and oven; a 240 litre fridge/freezer; microwave oven, crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, toaster and electric kettle.

A digital, flat screen TV gives you nationwide access to over 40 channels.

Your linen is laundered with an Australian Nature product to pamper skins sensitive to conventional detergents. The linen is then dried in brilliant sunshine and the wholesome sea breeze straight off the Indian Ocean.

We're not claiming ultimate luxury, just that you'll appreciate the clean, stylish, casual comfort and real value. It's what we hope to find when we travel.

If you've got a junior traveller with you, let us know upon booking if you need a stroller or cot. A one-off $20 fee gives you access to all or any one, for the length of your stay.

Free on site car parking with limited on-site parking for trailers. If you have a large boat/trailer/caravan alternative parking will be provided 300 metres away at one of our sister properties which has ample parking with very easy access. Just let us know at time of booking what your extra parking needs are and we'll take it from there.

Bonus discounts

Guests are entitled to 10% discount on sailing cruises operated by Wildsights Cruises but only by booking direct with Wildsights on 99 481 481.

All activities are quality guaranteed with an unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee: “Love it or it's free”

One Bedroom Villa - Sleeps 2

Beds: 1 queen in one bedroom
Villa Size: 45 sq. m (480 ft²)

One Bedroom Villa - Sleeps 3

Beds: 1 double, 1 single together in one bedroom.
Villa Size: 45 sq. m (480 ft²)

One Bedroom upstairs Sea View Villa - Sleeps 3

Beds: 1 double, 1 single together in one bedroom.
Villa Size: 45 sq. m (480 ft²)

Two Bedroom Villa - Sleeps 6

Villa Size: 70 sq.m (753 ft²)
Beds: 1 queen, 1 double and 1 bunk bed sleeps 6 or 1 queen, 2 single beds and 1 bunk bed.

Two-Bedroom Two-Storey Villa with Balcony - Sleeps 5

Formerly the owner's Villa, a lot of practical thought has gone into making your Villa a welcoming home away from home. Fully equipped to be self-sufficient and comfortable with insect screens. The Villa is bright, spacious and cheery.

A large Villa with an open plan lounge/dining area/kitchen that complements a feeling of spaciousness. Two roomy separate upstairs bedroom/s with built-in wardrobes and air conditioning.

Villa Size: 80 sq.m (900 ft²) Both bedrooms are upstairs, accessible by stairs only.
Main Bedroom: 1 queen size bed with private balcony
2nd bedroom: 1 double and a single bed.


Depend on number of bedrooms required and number of guests staying, however to give you an idea:

The following rate is for one bedroom with 1 or 2 guests:

The following rate is for 2 bedrooms with 2 guests:

There is a $20 extra charge per extra person for more than 2 people.

Western Australia school holiday periods increase rates by 20%.

You can contact us on 1800 241 481 to make your reservation.

Location, Location, Location

These two adjacent, private, absolute beachfront units are bright, spacious and cheery. They are fully self contained. Only 15 minutes drive from Monkey Mia.

Located in Denham town centre with the Supermarket across the street and everything else within a short stroll along the waterfront. Yes, you really can walk to all the shops, bars and restaurants. Bring your boat, there's a ton of parking space.

The building is called the Beach House because that's what it is! It's unpretentious on the outside and very cosy on the inside. We've put a lot of practical thought into making this your welcoming home away from home.

The Beachfront position gives you instant access to:


Wake up to breathtaking bay views. Walk across the street for a swim. Breath the fresh sea air and enjoy a sundowner with your front row seat of glorious sunsets.
The units consist of a open plan lounge/dining/kitchen. Separate bedroom/s. Sun room. Combined bathroom/laundry. Private toilet. Unit B also has a sheltered front patio facing west for the sunset.
The queen size beds are high quality, with luxurious, crisp 500 thread Egyptian Cotton linen. Laundered with an Australian Nature product to pamper skins sensitive to conventional detergents. The linen is then dried in brilliant sunshine and the wholesome sea breeze straight off the Indian Ocean.
We're not claiming luxury, just that you'll appreciate the clean, stylish, casual comfort and real value. It's what we hope to find when we travel.
Each unit is fully self-contained with:

Beach Unit A Sleeps 2

One bedroom with a queen bed.

The sun room, or else the main bedroom, can accommodate a trundle bed (available on request).

Beach Unit B - Sleeps 5

Two double bedrooms.

One with a queen bed and the other, a double bed with single bunk over.

The sun room, or else the bedroom, can accommodate a trundle bed (available on request).