Getting the best from your 4WD Francois Peron National Park Tour

Jun 3, 2017 1 comment(s)

You can book with confidence with your unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee: “Love it, or it’s free!”

If you're uncertain about anything at all, just ask your tour guide, who is there to help you.

Pick-Up Time

You will be told the pick-up time when you book your tour. Please be ready 5 minutes before your appointed pick-up time. Pickups will be from reception at your place of accommodation.

What to Bring

Your tour is all inclusive.  You are provided with food, drinks, sunscreen, your own bottle of water, use of polarised sunglasses and binoculars. Fly nets and/or natural fly repellent are provided but are usually only required occasionally in summer. If you wear prescription sunglasses that are not polarised, please bring your ordinary prescription glasses and we will provide you with polarised sunglasses to fit over them

What to Wear

The Peron Peninsula during summer can get very hot so dress to be cool. To protect your feet from prickles and hot sand, closed shoes are recommended.

Protection from The Sun

Please bring a hat. Sunscreen is supplied in your tour. If you are particularly fair wear clothing that provides sun protection, such as long sleeves and trousers. 

Eats & Drinks

Your tour is all inclusive of fees, food and drinks.  The refreshments are simple. Morning and afternoon break include juice, water, fruit or cake or biscuits.  Lunch includes the same, plus tea or coffee and the wrap you ordered when you booked your tour. Please advise your booking agent of any dietary needs. There is plenty of extra water carried to replace what you use.


Are encouraged. Also bring a polarising filter if you have one, spare memory card, battery and/or 12v charging cable.


There is very limited space in the vehicle. Baggage must be minimal. Apart from hat and a windproof you only really need a camera. Everything else is provided.


There are toilets at several places during the tour.  The maximum time between toilets is about 40 minutes. Do inform your guide if you feel the need to stop, so that the itinerary can be changed accordingly.

For more information call 1800 241 481 or email