Francois Peron National Park Tour

This is a full day trip (9am to 5pm) adventuring through a spectacular, special piece of earth, right where outback Australia meets the coast. You'll be smack bang in the outback bush, down wild tracks, over rolling red sand dunes, across potentially hazardous birradas, through dense acacia shrub lands, along magnificent bluffs and endless, deserted beaches. You'll be knocked out by stunning scenery, incredible wildlife and gobsmacking colour contrasts set in splendid isolation. Yet it can kill. So we'll teach you survival secrets such as how to get water and navigate by the sun and stars. You'll be amazed to learn that unimpressive vegetation is often food or aboriginal medicine. Your tour is a hell of a combination of cultural history, sensational scenery, fascinating plants, wild animals and bush survival skills.

Spring brings the dugong migration accompanied by the tiger sharks. Then come the lizards and echidnas.

Towards Cape Peron, Nature's stunning outlooks will take your breath away. You'll be moved by the spectacle; a feast of extraordinary, vivid, contrasting colours, ranging from the sun burnt red cliffs and brilliant white beach to the many-hued aqua of ocean merging with eternal blue skies.

You'll visit stunningly beautiful photographic spots, known only to a few people, we won't tell you where, we'll only show you personally!

You'll lookout into a natural aquarium, home of huge stingrays, sharks, turtles, schools of fish, often dolphins and, in spring, dugong. You will find it hard to tear yourself away.

A home to terns, cormorants and eagles, it is the foraging ground of a family of special dolphins. If the 'force' is with you, you'll see dolphin behaviour like you've never seen before.

Price includes all entry fees, delicious lunch, yummy morning & afternoon ‘tea’ & drinks, sunscreen, use of binoculars, polarised sunglasses and an expert local guide.

For information on what to wear, what to bring, read our Getting the best from your 4WD Francois Peron National Park Tour blog page.

Departs: 08:30am from Denham.

Please contact us on (08) 99 481 481 if you require any further information.